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Norbert Adam
Norbert Adam
  • Owner, Patent engineer
  • FH Furtwangen,
    Fernuniversität Hagen
Tanja Adam
Tanja Adam
  • Assistance
  • Accounting, secretariat


Adam Technik-Recherchen is a service company founded in 2006 for trade−, patent−, technology information.

The basis for our work is the interplay of engineering science education in the hardware and software area, patent law and research technical knowledge and analytical expertise.

Our ever-growing client base consists of industrial companies and patent attorneys. In close cooperation with partners we build a research network to be able to cover research in other fields.

Our sources are high quality specialized databases, own primary research and additional Internet resources. We perform research in a discreet and confidential way. Information about the customer and actual research contents are separated.

The usefulness of information is always related to the environment in which it is used. Our task is therefore, in addition to obtaining information, their application-oriented processing and presentation.

All information will be treated as confidential. If desired, a appropriate confidentiality agreement can be signed.